Monday, May 26, 2008

Happy Holiday!

More than half year of separation. . . .

KayBee. . . my hometown, my friends, my family, my heng dai,

i am back!

One week off going back to my lovely hometown.

Happy Holiday for all the MMU-ians!

See you in June!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Goodbye My Friends!

Finally. . .

The suffering and torturing fortnight. . .

Came to an end!

Me. . . . now damn free

The time to enjoy reach. . .


For those my friends and all seniors who are now OFFICIALLY graduate.
*be provided no fail to you all

There is a song specially dedicated to you all

It's the time to fly more higher, and look more greater.

The need for turning back.

No More.

Just Do Believe,
the Future of all of us. . . .
Rise and turned brighter and brighter.


Goodbye my friends.

Do always keep in touch.

All the BEST and GOOD LUCK!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

A Night For Releasing Stress

3 more papers to go in this final. . .

Marathon exam start from next tuesday till thursday.

2 more days for me prepare it.

But no mood to study langsung. . . .

So accept the invitation from my friends,

to seek for some relax. . .

At the place usually we go for goyang.
Not many MMU-ians found there,
as it's still examination week. .
everyone getting high for it
Nothing much to update for.
Just a simple night for me releasing the stress. feeling quite guilty over it T_T

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Final Exam.........

Uni life is really enjoying.

But when it comes to the end of the sem,

all of the students still facing the same problems.

Final Exam!!!

And it is so-call the pain of all the students.

Many students choose to study in the midnight.

As they give the reason it is damn quiet and cold at that time.

But you know i know lah. . .

students are all night stalker. . . when there is no exam pun they sleep EARLY in the morning.

As usual,

library still the same open for student as their second home during the exam week.

They prefer to have their study in library because less of sound-polution.

I am not so agree with it loh....

But i still heading to the library. .

Just because cannot tahan with the hot weather in Melaka. .

Library provides the only place for cooling me down. .

When there's final exam,

you can find many MMU-ians still remained their routine lifestyle.


there will be notes or books on around them.

Listening music with notes.

Eating with notes.

Chating with notes.

Relaxing with notes.

Last but not least,
sleep with notes.
ps: 2 papers down, 3 more to go. . .
wish myself and all MMU-ians all the best in the final lah.
No need with flying colors, popi popi me pass can already. . . .

Sunday, May 11, 2008


Still remember the Big Mac Chant?

Yaya . . .anybody who can do it within 4 seconds will be able to get a FREE Big Mac.

Sounds very hard hor.

But as one of the Big Mac fans, of cause i did get a try on it.

Just blowing out everything in 3.4 seconds. . . . .

And i get this FREE coupon for exchanging a Big Mac!!

sap sap sui lah. . .
Trying once is really not enough for enjoying the challenging process.


So i grabbed three!!! In 10 seconds!!!

Geng? Maybe. . .


seriously. . .

It is damnnn easy to do it lohhh

See, i also did it right?

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Can U...?


this is not some spells to cast on. . . . . tackling a girl??nonono

But just complete this sentence. . .

By shouting out, mumbering out, whispering out, crying out, smiling out, laughing out, vomiting out or whatever lah. . .

as long as the judge of McD able to understand what you are saying about

Then. . .

This Big Mac is totally FREE!!!!
Terms and Condition,

you need to do it within 4 seconds ??!!

Can You?
Whoever interested in trying this stuff,
feel free to ask the coupon from me.
Valid till 28 of May.